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Why The Maintenance Of Cars And Bikes Should Not Be Skipped?

Depending on the age of your vehicle, the make, the model, and how hard you’ve run it, your car may be in desperate need of a tune-up. Therefore, as you tune your engine, it must run smoothly and efficiently. The annoying noises like machine clanks, rumbling, grinding sounds or anything can ruin your vehicle big time. Moreover, an engine out of shape implies that it consumes more fuel and not running at its best. If your engine is not running at its best, it can be more damaging. For such events, it is rather important to adjust the engine’s timing, fluid levels, inspect and replace any components like spark plugs that are part of your ignition system, inspect/replace air filters as needed and more.

More often than not, you can overlook the maintenance of cars and bikes on a regular basis. But the cars must be maintained with the products of the car dashboard polish manufacturers in India to deal with major and common problems. Some of the potential problems which could be addressed with the same are:

  • Premature breakage of cars.
  • Costly repairs
  • Low performance
  • Resale value is reduced.
  • Cleaning in bikes if not done on time can lead to fatal accidents

Taking care of your car

It is obvious that your car needs some timely cleaning which has to be done to prevent the car and breakage. In the most common scenario, the bikes and cars are supposed to go for extensive cleaning and repair every 10000 km or so. This helps in getting the better shape of the vehicle and can also help you in checking the dents, wear and tear which happens every now and again. The frequency of such care and maintenance plans has to be increased if it is motorcycle meant for adventure tours or a car which commutes daily.

Potential Warning Signs

Before any major breakdown, a car or bike does show some potential warning signs. These are:

  • Frictional noise in the brakes
  • Dirt accumulation
  • Failure to apply brakes on time which in most cases is only about a fraction of seconds.

Once you amend these changes, your vehicle can go a long way in securing the safety of the rider. Besides, we have already mentioned that the cleaning of cars and motorcycles is a healthy practice.

Why it must not be skipped

 A car or a bike is undoubtedly more than just a vehicle for us. Many people are enthusiastic about them whereas for some it is an investment. There are also people who have an element of nostalgia attached to the vehicles they own. Hence, a regular cleaning routine for the vehicles can only prolong your love affair with cars. As a matter of fact, it should never be treated as a waste of money or daunting chore — especially when you have a car with less than 300 kilometers, let alone one with 15,000 kilometers.

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