AC vent/ducts

Cleaning the AC vent/ducts of your cars this summer

In the scorching heat of Indian summers, there are very few things that stay intact or lose their energy. The same is also applicable to the cars that you have as your ideal mode of transport. For lack of a better phrase, you have to go the extra mile to ensure that your car is fully functional on all counts. Much as you covered your bases by using the best rubbing compound for car scratches, you must not let the cleaning of the ac duct go amiss either.

The rubbing compound manufacturers in India to your rescue for cleaning car AC ducts

Use a pliable brush that has long handle

Pliable brushes should be preferred for interior detailing and cleaning of the AC vents. These flat and long brushes are capable of being bent or twisted without breaking. As a result, they can go deep into the narrow crevices such as the air vents. On the face of it, they can even flush out the surface dirt. But if you want to make the cleaning deeper and much more precise, these brushes are your best bet.

Odor neutralizer Sprays

This is one of the most fantastic products to have. The rubbing compound manufacturers in India also manufacture the odor neutralizer spray that keeps your car’s smell fresh after deep cleaning. The spray actually helps in instant application deep into the vents with the help of a long nasal pipe. As air conditioner ducts are also prone to dust, oil, worm, and other sundries in air conditioner fan and exchangers, these odor neutralizers are necessary to eliminate the viruses and bacteria completely. Once you spray this cleaning solution, it takes only about 20 minutes to work through the system. Once the sand kills viruses and eliminates odor. Once done, you have to turn the fan and air conditioner for a few minutes. This eliminates all the excess or lingering smell.

Steam Cleaning the Car AC Vents

Steam cleaners are one of the many alternatives to get rid of the strong and lingering odors from the air cleaner sprays. The prime reason for steam cleaning’s popularity is that they are odorless and effective. Moreover, their steam vents are directed in the dirt and oily surface directly and this allows for the dispensation of the steam at a controlled temperature and pressure at optimum levels in the vent. This helps in dislodging the smallest of dust particles and even the fungal and bacterial deposits that are lurking in its passageways.

Steam cleaning can be done to the switches too although the flow of the steam should be mild and gentle. And once the vacuuming is done, you must use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe down. The switches are used too often and multiple touches may make them greasy or oily.

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